Matt Mitrione suspended for Fallon Fox rant

Thoughts anyone?
For background, Fallon Fox is a male-to-female transgender. At the age of 31, she undertook a gender reassignment procedure, which gave her as close to a female body as possible. She then fought against women in MMA. It was not known that she was born a male until she outed herself after two professional and one amateur matches.
Matt “Meathead” Mitrione called her a “Disgusting freak” and has been sanctioned for it.
The question I have is more about what was behind those words. Did he call her a disgusting freak because of her gender reassignment, or because he feels that it’s the fact she is still in possession of a male skeletal system and basic chassis, and is using it to beat up women, some of which were unaware that she was born a man? Reading the article, it seems that it could be the latter rather than the former.

If he’s discriminating based on gender, well, that’s pretty cut and dry these days. Can’t do it, and good on the UFC for the sanction. If he’s attacking Fox because she’s beating up on women by using an unfair advantage, well, I’m kind of with him on that one.

The two women she beat (By KO and injury due to strikes) did not know she was born a man.

I do realise that gender reassignment causes hormonal and muscular changes, and it is as close to changing sex as science can do, but Fox still has a significant physical advantage over any woman fighting her, and to keep that from her opponents is, in my opinion, disgusting.

If her opponent knows and is OK with it, more power to them, but to hide it is, to me, cheating and should not be allowed.


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