To immunise or not.

I admit, I find this argument baffling.

When I have a child, I will want it to be healthy. I will want it to have the best chance at having a good life. I can understand how some parents are concerned about immunisation because of some pseudopinions out there linking it to autism, but to me, it’s a no-brainer.

immunise your kids.

In my grandparents generation, people were affected by polio, whooping cough and so much more. Now we’ve practically eliminated polio and several more diseases are relatively obscure.

The theory that immunisation is linked to autism has been debunked. That means that not only was it not a proven theory, it was proven to be false. 

Perhaps a biologist or immunologist could comment better, but for me, I will ensure my child stands the best chance of surviving through their childhood into adulthood with the best health I am able to provide. 

After all, plenty of countries do not have immunisation schemes. Feel free to compare the child mortality rates between them.


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